Burnalong Reaches Milestone of 20,000 Digital Health & Wellbeing Classes

Burnalong grows to the most expansive digital health solution with 20,000+ live and on-demand classes with hundreds of programs to reach entire populations 

Baltimore, MD – Burnalong, the leading digital health solution that unlocks human potential, today announced reaching the milestone of 20,000+ live and on-demand classes, supported by hundreds of curated programs across 60+ categories, taught by 5,000+ credentialed experts and medical professionals on their core platform.

With more classes than all competitors combined, Burnalong is now the largest and most robust library of digital health and wellbeing classes to support the holistic health of corporate employees, health plan members, hospital patients, government workers, and their families. The extensive range of classes, programs, and categories means that Burnalong is relevant and helpful for every single person.

By reaching entire populations with a single digital health solution, it means that everyone – regardless of age, race, ability, fitness level, health goals, chronic condition, or mobility range – can find what they need to reach their potential.

As Burnalong’s library of classes grows to more than 20,000 classes, the diversity of categories and interests supported grows as well. With more than 60 categories of classes and hundreds of curated programs, Burnalong offers even more comprehensive support for:

  • Neuromuscular conditions
  • Mental health
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Nutrition
  • Leadership development

New programs on the platform provide focused support for family nutrition, emotional management, financial reboots, mental health and OT for healthcare workers, diabetes basics, heart-healthy recipes, preparation for bariatric surgery, and specific chronic condition support.

This premiere content is provided in partnership with hundreds of YMCAs across the US, local gyms and studios, certified individual instructors, medical professionals, hospitals, and medical professionals. Chronic condition and medical content are being provided by centers of excellence such as Inova Well for surgery fitness content, hundreds of YMCAs for multiple sclerosis classes, MedFit for chronic condition management, National Register of Health Service Psychologists for mental health care, and the American Diabetes Association for diabetes support.

In recent months, Burnalong has also released new platform features to support social motivation which is a key indicator of long-term success in health journeys. These features include:

  • Open door classes that simulate a group class experience in a gym or studio. Any Burnalong member can join or schedule an open-door experience to experience classes with members across the globe.
  • Playlists to allow for individual program creation with classes on a common topic, theme, or class time duration. These playlists can be shared with small groups or be made public, extending the ability to personalize health journeys in the platform.

“We are excited to reach this milestone of more than 20,000 classes on Burnalong,” says Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of Burnalong. “Our mission is centered on providing digital health solutions and programming that unlock human potential by meeting the needs of every person, no matter their ability, age, location, stage in life, or fitness level with quality programming and social support. The continued growth of the Burnalong library means that we can uniquely meet every single individual with the classes they want with the social support they need to progress on their health journey.”

You can learn more about how to get started supporting your population with holistic wellness and social motivation by visiting www.burnalong.com.

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