5 easy, healthy recipes to boost your nutrition

As March is nutrition month here at Burnalong, we wanted to provide some healthy, easy, and yummy recipes to help you plan your meals and amp up your nutrition.

While we might all recognize nutrition is important, it can be easy to forget what good nutrition can impact. According to the WHO, nutrition is related to stronger immune systems and a lower risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. It can also impact how long you live.

Though many people within the US have easy access to nutritious foods, did you know that less than one in 10 US children and adults get the daily recommended amounts of vegetables? Less than one in seven adults eat enough fruit.

Burnalong is here to support good nutrition, healthy eating habits, and holistic health. To supercharge your meal planning, we’ve curated recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. Each one can be made with some simple modifications if you are trying to avoid certain ingredients too.

A high protein breakfast to get you going

First up is a sweet, savory, protein-filled egg dish with a zesty surprise for breakfast.

Start your day off with a filling and empowering meal so you can tackle anything that comes your way. Here is the recipe; we hope you enjoy. 

Energy balls are great for on the go!

Energy balls are a great way to get a burst of nutrition and protein to keep you powering through your day. This simple snack will satiate your sweet tooth and give you some long-lasting energy.

Even better, you don’t even have to bake these! Dive in for this easy recipe and be prepared to rock your snack time. 

Yummy, flexible lunch or dinner recipe

Chop, chop! Let’s make some chili to beat the spring chill. This easy lunch is easy to prep and then you can let your crockpot do all the hard work. 

With just a little prep and lots of substitution options, you can have a filling, healthy, and warming lunch to feed you and your family this week. Discover this one-pot wonder.

Light, airy snack to satisfy your cravings

This flexible snack has protein, a little sweetness, and can easily be modified for any season. Oh, and you can also make a batch of it at the start of the week so you can tuck in whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ready to whip it up (pun intended)? 

Anti-inflammatory dinner recipe for the win

Learn how to make flavorful, seasoned chicken thighs and veggies that will fight inflammation and please the whole family.

You can whip this up in about 30 minutes and substitute a bunch of items to make it work for your diet. Fire up your burners and let’s get cooking

Nutritional tips and ideas for the whole family

If you are looking to dig a little deeper than recipes, we recommend these classes on nutrition. Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is recognizing that you need to make a shift and knowing how to do it. These classes and programs can walk you through the basics and supercharge your nutrition:

Whether you are looking to spice up the routine or get serious about your health, let’s do it together! If you are interested in finding out how Burnalong can offer specific nutrition challenges for your company, schedule a quick call with us.

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