Let’s head outside for some holistic wellness moments

Let's head outside for some holistic wellness moments

No matter where you live, there is something special about stepping outside after being indoors all day and taking in that first breath of fresh air. 

The air feels different and fresh. The sounds are crisp and layered. The light is something even SAD lamps can’t entirely replicate. 

At Burnalong, we are excited to spend some more time outdoors as things warm up across the country. However, like many of you, we don’t want to miss out on progress towards our wellness goals just because our routines are changing or we are heading on vacation. 

Just in case you needed to have some more reasons to head outdoors, we’ve curated some compelling benefits, ideas to incorporate the outdoors into your workday, and some suggested classes to take with you while you roam.

Benefits of heading outside:

  • Research indicates that patients who undergo surgery experience quicker recovery and don’t require as much pain relief when exposed to green spaces. 
  • A recent study found that men and women who spent just 20 minutes in a park setting reported a 64% hike in life satisfaction.
  • In everyday life, most individuals are on a constant mission to accomplish as much as possible, resulting in decreased focus. Thankfully, it seems nature has the ability to restore attention, which can lead to improved creativity. 
  • WebMD reports that even 5 minutes of outside activity can improve your self-esteem. That yard work just got a little more meaningful!
  • Studies have shown outdoor and green spaces can lower your risk of depression and helps with recovery from psychological stress.

Incorporate the outdoors into your workday

  • Head outside for a walking meeting! Not everything requires a screen so grab the dog, lace up your shoes, and take your earbuds to chat as you stroll.
  • Find a shady spot close for focused work time. If you can work offline, be a little more adventurous but if you are tethered to Wi-Fi, sit on the porch or deck to get some fresh air while you keep working.
  • Schedule time during the day to get some sunlight. Take Burnalong with you outside and do a quick meditation when you need a work break. Recharge your mind and get some Vitamin D so you can jump back into work refreshed.

Let’s head outdoors together

As you look to engage with more outdoor activities, we want to support you! One great way we can do that is through trackable wellness habits on the platform. We have a lot of habits that you can choose and then update at whatever cadence you would like. 

Need some help updating your habits? We’ve created this quick video on how to update your wellness habits for you!

If you need some ideas of habits you can choose that will support outdoor activity, here are some ideas: 

  • Go Outside
  • Drink Water
  • Hiking
  • Walk
  • Yard Work
  • Spend time with Family

You can choose how many times you want to do that per day or week! By logging in to update your habits, we can also recommend classes or programs that line up with your habits. 

We also have some recommendations for classes and programs for you too: 

Ready to go?

Whatever activity you choose to do, we are here to support you. By taking these minutes to recharge, get some sunshine, and breathe in the fresh air, you are investing in your physical, mental, and emotional health. If you grab a friend or family member to go with you, you are even investing in your social health. 

If you would like us to dream up ways to support your teams as they head outdoors, we are here to support you. We can also help with custom programs and communities to connect folks around the common goal of heading outdoors. Schedule some quick time with our team!

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