How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

How are you keeping remote employees engaged?

That’s increasingly a problem for companies as more and more have remote workers or offices. In today’s battle to retain and attract top talent, creating a vibrant and inclusive culture is key. The challenge is how keep employees engaged with people who are far away or out of the office.

Below are a few simple, easy to implement ideas:

Monday Morning Emails

Send consistent emails to your employees with the latest happenings in the office. Make sure employees are in-the-know and up-to-date.

    • This is a great opportunity to inform them of the company’s goals for the end of the year, as well as the year to come!
    • Give your employees an opportunity to be part of the decision making process. Welcome responses from emails by posing questions that encourage feedback and engagement!

Need ideas on how to write a weekly email? Check out this article!

Encourage Exercise

Help your employees to keep tabs on their personal goals by encouraging regular exercise (even though they may not be able to go outdoors).

Provide your employees with an online platform that provides them with a variety of classes to help keep them healthy! We help you keep your companies’ wellness initiatives in check while everyone is traveling/out-of-office.

Hold a friendly fitness competition that encourages employees to find time to take care of themselves. Join a nationwide competition to get your employees working together to prove that you are the healthiest company in America!

 Encourage fitness to keep remote employees engaged

Check In With A Call

Even if the employee is not physically in the office, be sure to touch base regularly.

Each week, gather to discuss goals for the days ahead.

Encourage Time Spent With Families

The holidays can be a busy, stressful time for employees, whether they work on-site or remotely.

Promote taking time away from work to spend with family.Allow employees the opportunity to recharge their batteries, and come back with a fresh outlook for the year to come.

(Idea: Ask employees to send photos of them spending time with their families to share with the rest of the office!)

Give Recognition for Milestones

Anniversaries, achievements, and promotions are all milestones that employees (including those working remotely) are proud and hopeful to get recognition for.

Acknowledge these milestones. You can call attention to them during weekly meetings, or emails to the company as a whole, but it is also suggested to take the time to email the employee directly.

This simple act of engaging with your employee, will drive engagement back into the organization.

Encourage Virtual Competitions

Just because and employee works remotely, doesn’t mean that they can’t take part in competitions with the rest of your employees!

Another idea: Host a virtual scavenger hunt to get employees interacting and collaborating. There are lots of options to choose from!

Bring Off-Site Employees On-Site

Give remote employees the opportunity to visit the office, meet staff and check out the environment.

You could host a:

  • Healthy Potluck
  • Family Day
  • Holiday Party
  • Orientation

This is a perfect opportunity for them to get a better sense of the company culture, as well as discover how their role fits into what is being done by the other people on-site!

Take advantage of these simple ideas to help create a vibrant, and inclusive culture for your employees – even the ones that are working remotely.

To start, get your new Burnalong wellness platform set up in less than 30 minutes! No matter where they are, your employees will have access to classes (over 30+ categories) that will help them stay engaged.

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