Join the Hybrid Wellness Revolution with Burnalong’s Latest Features

Img blog Join the Hybrid Wellness Revolution with Burnalong Latest Features

Q: So give me an idea of what Burnalong does and how it’s related to Tivity.

A: We’re a digital platform that offers more than 35,000 live and on-demand classes across more than 60 different categories – everything from cardio classes to classes for stroke, MS, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Q: If I wanted to be healthy, this platform is going to provide the tools, training, and education that I need?

A: That’s right. It’s for an entire family and for people through life’s journey. So rather than 60, 70, 80 different point solutions and sending, great. If you’re young and active, you’re here.

If you’ve got a chronic condition, you’re over here. Everything is within one platform and you can be live with others. In some cases, we’ve even got four generations of a family all doing programming within our platform.

Q: How do you tailor it? How do you customize it?

A: We understand who they are, where they are in the country, and then they answer a whole series of questions and they take actions, and then it gets tailored to them. You said how do you get people to do it? So, one is tailoring the programming to the people. Like we might be the same level in cardio classes, but you want a Northern accent and I want a Southern accent. You want an instructor with a sense of humor. I want somebody who’s quick and to the point. So that’s number one is we’re able to tailor it to you rather than treating everyone as a one-size-fits-all, but number two is there’s a social component. With Burnalong, you can be live with others when you take classes. Maybe what’s going to motivate you to do something is not that you know you need to exercise, or you know that you need to get a better night’s sleep, or learn about nutrition, but if you have others live on the screen with you, and these can be co-workers, it can be friends, it can be family members or others with similar conditions, that social component is going to motivate you to do it.

Learn more about Burnalong+ here: https://www.burnalong.com/burnalong-plus/

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