Lunge In: Advice from 100 Successful Women Who Work and Workout

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Pernille Lopez is the former President of IKEA North America and is now assembling her own best life. She is the co-founder of Good Life Designed, a Global Director serving on a number of corporate and non-profit boards, and she is the author of the personal leadership book, Design Your Lifepublished by Beyond Words.

How often do you exercise?

Try to do something every day.

Do you workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

I prefer early morning.

What is your preferred type of workout?

Yoga, biking, and swimming.

Do you workout alone or with others?

Both, but I prefer to with others. I love classes.

How do you motivate yourself?

I think about all the benefits exercise brings me.

Do you add variety to your workout? If so, how?

I see physical activity as the main goal, so a long hike, a TRX class or a walk with my neighbor are all ways to not get in a rut.

What is your advice to women trying to “do it all?” How do you prioritize and make time for everything?

Make up your mind and stick to it. Everybody will benefit from you feeling stronger and energized. The men I know will find the time, if they decide, even if they are also trying to “do it all.”

Editor’s note: This blog post is part of a series called Lunge In, which features advice from famous women on how they’re able to balance work, family, and exercise.

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