Share Your Sweat!: A Heather Gidusko Interview


Meet Heather Gidusko of Sweat Like a Girl!

Sweat Like A Girl is the place to find the most innovative fitness programs specifically designed for women. It is a place where women of all sizes, ages, shapes, and cultural backgrounds can come together and experience awesome workouts, in addition to feeling great about themselves and each other!
Burnalong allows you to access Sweat Like a Girl anytime, anywhere! We took a moment to sit with Heather and discuss the benefits of “Sharing Your Sweat” with a friend.

A recent article published in The New York Times by Gretchen Reynolds states that those who worked out with others “lived longer than people who were sedentary. But they also lived longer than people who took part in reliably healthy but often solitary activities”.

Here’s what Heather has to say:

Burnalong: “Do you recommend people work out with friends? What are the benefits?”

Heather: “Yes, I highly recommend that people work out with friends! It creates accountability and makes working out more fun! When you have a workout date at the gym with a friend you are less likely to blow it off or let other things get in the way of your workouts!

 Group fitness women working out together

I have created an entire gym community around the idea of working out with friends. My gym Sweat Like A Girl is based on sharing workouts, laughs and tears with others. Many girls have made lifelong friendships at my gym. Life is always better with your BFF!”


Burnalong: “What if you don’t have someone closeby to workout with?”

Heather: “I am so excited to be able to share my workouts on Burnalong. And the aspect of Burnalong that I really love is that members can workout with their friends and be in 2 completely different parts of the world.

You can challenge your friends, encourage your friends and hold each other accountable to still show up to that workout class, even if it is being held in your hotel room, your cubicle or your living room floor! With Burnalong, you really have no excuses not to workout and enjoy it!!! So shout out your friends and lets get busy sweating together!”


Burnalong: “Who do you like to “Share the Sweat” with?”

Heather: “Personally I love to share the sweat with everyone! Working out and inspiring others is my passion! I love what I do, and my love for it helps to inspire others to want to also enjoy their workout!

The girls who come to my gym love the group atmosphere! And now that I am on Burnalong, I am able to share my sweat across the globe! It is an amazing experience for both me and all the girls I reach through Burnalong!”


Burnalong: “What is your favorite partner exercise?”

Heather: “Squat and High Five!!! You get to squat while smiling and high fiving your friend! And make it even more fun by shouting YOU ARE AWESOME every time you high five! Try it right now with who ever is sitting next to you!!!”


Burnalong: “Tell us about your classes on Burnalong!”

Heather: “I offer a ton of different formats, styles and durations of exercises! Fan favorites are Quickie SuperGirls, Legs and Booty Quickies, Amazing Arms Quickies and Awesome Abs Quickies! I also have challenges on Burnalong which are great ways to challenge your friend for an entire month of workouts. 
So let’s go girls! Grab your BFF and start sharing the sweat with each other!!!!!!”


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