Self-compassion and mental health, the perfect pair

Mental health support comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes, to our detriment, we can think of mental health as something we need to address once we are in a crisis rather than something we should maintain.

You shouldn’t wait to start focusing on your mental health until you are experiencing burnout or a depressive episode. While it might be the easiest thing to say you’ll address later, mental health is a core pillar of your overall wellbeing that needs regular tending so you can avoid long-term concerns.

We all have mental health; we also all have different needs, genetics, histories, and learned behaviors that impact what our mental wellbeing journeys will need. What works for a friend might not be the best fit for you and this is absolutely fine.

If you are just getting started on mental health maintenance, we are excited to introduce you to one of our instructors who can help you and your teams. We also have hundreds of additional classes and methods to help you maintain your mental health, plus AI-powered recommendations based on what you resonate with to support you as you go.

Today we meet Javon Garcia, LSW, and one of our fantastic instructors on Burnalong. We’ll get to know Javon a little more with a few questions and glean some tips for focusing on mental health along the way. Let’s dive in.

What is your area of expertise?

I am an LSW, a Licensed Social Worker, and a therapist. I have worked at hospitals, recovery houses, community mental health centers, inpatient psychiatric units, and nonprofit agencies. I focus on helping people with anxiety, depression, stress, identity development, communication skills, trauma, and relationship issues.

Who do you work with and what makes you passionate about working with these individuals?

I have predominantly worked with adults, LGBTQ adults, youth, and people of color. I’m passionate about helping people heal from past trauma, identify coping skills, and assisting people in accomplishing their goals.

If someone is looking to focus on their mental health, what are 3 strategies you recommend?

Keep practicing, set realistic goals, and be self-compassionate. Try not to get wrapped up in negative self-talk and be kind to yourself.

Is there anything important that if they are just starting out on their mental health journey, they should know?

Be patient with yourself, make SMART goals, ask for help if you need it, and don’t be afraid to fail. Your loved ones can also be a great source of support as you work towards your goals.

Ready to start your mental health journey?

If you would like to take a class with Javon, you can browse through to find the topic and duration that works best for you. We recommend this class so you can get an introduction to Javon’s work and style. In thirteen minutes, Javon dives into how to overcome feelings of hopelessness with validation and self-compassion. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or on Instagram for ongoing tips and insights on mental health.

We also have a number of programs that can help support your journey with curated classes that will focus on a goal with suggested timelines.

Wherever you find yourself in your mental health journey, we encourage you to keep going and take the next step. Is it time to start carving out a few minutes each day to meditate? Do you have something you want to tackle with a therapist? Ready to start learning more about coping tools and stress management?

We are here to support you, and your teams, every step along the way. If you would like to learn more about our mental health support (plus physical, financial, nutrition, and medical wellness support), we are ready to chat.


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