Burnalong Launches Wellness Challenge to Create Healthy Company Cultures

Baltimore, MD – Burnalong, the leading digital health solution that unlocks human potential, today announced they are accepting registrations for their annual Fittest and Healthiest Company Challenge. As companies deal with retention, recruitment, and morale challenges, this challenge promotes diversity, creates inclusivity, and nurtures belonging to support healthy companies and teams.

This is an inclusive, six-week challenge for Burnalong clients to compete against each other through the completion of health and wellbeing classes across 60+ categories on the Burnalong platform.

The challenge will begin on September 19, 2022, and go through October 28, 2022. With 20,000+ live and on-demand classes, and hundreds of curated programs to focus on specific goals and conditions, across 60+ categories, Burnalong offers the only employee wellness challenge that is accessible to all employees regardless of age, ability, race, fitness level, or health goal. 

Fittest and Healthiest Company participants will be able to compete by taking live and on-demand classes from a broad range of categories including mental health, stretching, sleep support, barre, Tai Chi, HIIT, family workouts, financial wellness, stress management, adaptive workouts, nutrition, leadership development, and more. 

Burnalong will also provide participating companies with custom marketing materials to promote awareness about the challenge and encourage ongoing participation once the challenge begins. This includes nurturing networks of internal wellness champions, flyers, emails, in-app notifications, social media kits, scripts for leadership announcements, promotional videos, and custom materials to increase relevancy for each organization. 

Reporting will also be provided to help companies track their progress and their competition. This will also include an overall analysis to determine which categories perform well with their workforces so they can provide more tailored programming in the future. 

All new clients who sign up in time to participate in the challenge will also receive access to Burnalong for a full year. With a dedicated customer success manager, each new client will be able to pursue employee health and wellbeing year-round which can lead to:

Additionally, work-sponsored wellness initiatives can reduce risk and serve as preventative measures impacting more than 157 million employees in the US. Challenges are a vital part of a successful wellness program roadmap to boost enrollment and engagements across whole departments.

Inclusive challenges that promote belonging and representation are needed now, more than ever. 15% of people across the globe have some type of disability and require varying levels of adaptive support or programming. Within the US alone, an estimated 31 percent of people who have disabilities, aged 16-64, were employed in 2021. This has led to a needed surge in employers looking to provide accessible wellness programs and initiatives to serve their entire workforce.

“We are excited to launch our annual Fittest and Healthiest Company challenge,” says Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of Burnalong. “Every year we are honored to witness the enthusiasm, innovation, and determination of participating companies. It has served as a catalyst for sustainable engagement and participation in wellness initiatives across entire populations. This is a vital component as we commit to helping improve the health of employees, health plan members, and patients across the globe by solving the last mile challenge and offering accessible programming for everyone.”

Last year’s winners included: 

Sign up your company or learn more about the Fittest & Healthiest Challenge here: https://on.burnalong.com/fhc-healthy-company-culture

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