Burnalong Co-Founder Daniel Freedman on His Why, first published in the Post-Gazette

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Cancer took my grandmother. Not immediately, but slowly over the years, draining her strength and sucking the life out of her. It changed her from one of the most engaging, charismatic people I’ve ever known, the life of any party, to someone who lost the willpower to even get out of bed. In my mind I fight to erase that image of my bedridden grandmother and focus on the one who friends would want to come hang out with because she was just so much fun …

My grandmother’s death may have been unavoidable, but I’m certain that she would have had a better chance at a better outcome with today’s technologies. She refused to get out of bed because a doctor told her not to, but even at her lowest point she would get up to see her children and grandchildren. Her experience led me to devote my life to helping people get the support they need and build meaningful connections virtually when they can’t do it in person. The testimonials I see from people remind me of my grandmother every day.

Millions of people across the country and around the world are living with cancer right now. Social support can make a tremendous difference in their lives. Let’s make sure they get it.



Read the full article:https://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/Op-Ed/2021/07/04/Other-Voices-Social-bonds-can-improve-cancer-care-Daniel-Freedman/stories/202107040010

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