Variety is Key: 5 Trends HR Leaders Need To Know About Corporate Wellness

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As the world continues to evolve, so do corporate and employee health, fitness, and wellbeing needs. When it comes to wellness, consumers are increasingly seeking variety in their routines. Innovative businesses that recognize current wellness trends and offer something different will be best positioned for success.

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Holistic Wellness

Fitness isn’t the only name in the game anymore. More and more, a focus is placed on holistic health, including everything from mental health to chronic medical conditions. With 78% of consumers saying that wellness is more important than ever, having access to support in various categories, both virtually and in-person, is key to providing employees with inclusive and diverse offerings.

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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is becoming an increasingly important component of corporate wellness programs, as employers are recognizing the link between financial stress and overall health. Employers should focus on providing employees with financial education resources and tools to help them manage their finances more effectively.

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Immune Health

One area of focus for many employees is bolstering their immune health. Nearly half (46%) of Americans are interested in trying new services or treatments that support immune health moving forward. Implementing a wellness initiative that offers opportunities for immune-boosting services and education on topics like nutrition, sleep, and stress reduction increases the probability of success. 

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Mental Health

Mental health is an important factor in workplace wellness programs, and HR leaders should be aware of this trend. Employers should create an environment that encourages open dialogue about mental health issues and provides resources to help employees cope with stress and anxiety.

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Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven insights can be used to inform corporate wellness strategies and ensure that employers are making decisions based on evidence rather than assumptions or guesswork. By leveraging data from employee surveys, biometric screenings, and other sources, employers can gain valuable insights into how their programs are performing and how they can be improved over time.

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