3 reasons to take a live fitness class with Y Wellness 24/7

There is something special that happens during a live class. The music, the instructor, the encouragement and motivation from your fellow classmates–it can lead to growth you couldn’t imagine otherwise. 

Yet, for some people, that can be the most intimidating part about stepping into a new class. The new steps, the new faces, the new ways of moving can feel intimidating.

Sometimes, the hardest part about starting a new habit is taking that first step. Plus, with the ongoing COVID crisis, you might not feel safe going into a facility for your regular group class, just yet. 

Whether you are in the first camp or the second, we get it. You aren’t alone. And, we have an exciting update that will work for you, wherever you are in your wellness journey. 

As of today, Burnalong members can now access 100+ live weekly classes from 50+ local YMCAs on the Burnalong platform.

Plus, we’ve added hundreds of on-demand classes to the library, taught by local Y instructors (some of them from your own community). Here are three reasons you should take a live class with Y Wellness 24/7 and Burnalong. 

Build your confidence

Take time to get familiar with an instructor and feel comfortable with the movements from the privacy of your own home. Join the live class on Burnalong for the energy that comes with participating in real-time; plus, discover what works best for you with no risk. 

If you find an instructor you connect with, follow that instructor or save the class so you can see when they have upcoming live classes (or even on-demand options). Take the time that you need to feel comfortable and confident. When you are ready, head into the actual facility to get some facetime with an instructor you’ve already connected with online.

Have built-in accountability

Sometimes, all it takes is a calendar reminder to actually get something done. By scheduling a live class and adding it to your calendar, you know exactly when you need to change your clothes, log in, and be inspired. 

A gentle reminder email that your class is about to start will also help make sure you show up on time. These subtle guardrails will help you have built-in accountability to show up and stay committed to your wellness goals. 

If you find a class or instructor you really like, you can even make it a weekly habit so you have something to look forward to and plan around. 

Adapt to your schedule

We’ve all had a last-minute meeting invite that conflicts with when we were hoping to log off and head to a class. While that excuse might be welcome on some days (let’s be honest), with a scheduled live class, you don’t have to commute and can jump from your meeting to your class in seconds. You don’t risk missing out on a class simply because you were in work-mode seconds earlier.

Additionally, if you suddenly have a gap in your schedule or want to explore, you can take a look at what might be live, right then, to join. If nothing fits your schedule, explore the 14,000+ on-demand classes from Y Wellness 24/7 and Burnalong’s 2,500+ credentialed instructors. Either way, you have options that can fit your schedule.

How to find Y Wellness 24/7 classes

If you are a Burnalong member, just go to the search bar once you’ve logged in and type in “Y Wellness.” That will pull up all the classes the local Ys have posted on-demand or are offering as live classes. 

If you are a Y Wellness 24/7 member, we make it even easier to connect with your local Y by highlighting classes from your location at the top on your home page. Reconnect with your favorite instructor or find a new source of inspiration from one of the many other Ys sharing classes on Burnalong.

How to join live classes on Burnalong:

  1. Log into Burnalong and select “Home.”
  2. Scroll down to the “Live” section on your home page.
  3. Review the recommended live classes or select “View all” on the upper right corner for more options. 
  4. Select “Schedule” to get a reminder email when the start time gets closer (you might want to also add it to your calendar).

Will we see you online?

The ability to build your confidence, have accountability, and adapt everything to your schedule makes live classes exactly what you need, right now.

While in-person classes are here to stay, live classes allow you to explore and commit from wherever you log in. You can stick to your healthy habits, stay connected even when traveling, and tap into that extra energy that comes with live classes, all from your laptop (or phone or computer). If you know of a Y that should join, please share their information with us here and we’ll take it from there. 

Ready to dive in? We’ll see you at the next live class in 5, 4, 3, 2….


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