HIIT The Outdoors: 5 Quick Cardio Workouts To Take Outside

Summertime means longer days spent in the sun, so why not take your workouts outdoors? Grab your phone, tablet, or computer and HIIT (see what we did there?) the park, playground, beach, or backyard with these quick cardio-blasting workouts that the BurnAlong community members are raving about.

    1. Feel Good Beginner HIIT with Kristin Hall Poage from Marie Christine’s Dance and Fitness. If you’re just dipping your toe in the world of high-intensity interval training, this is the workout for you. Kristin takes you through a challenging, full body workout and offers plenty of cues and modifications to guide you throughout the class. 
    2. Hill Matrix Sprint with Jason Williams from Charm City PT. This is our go-to-workout for when we are itching to go outside! The Hill Matrix Sprint features a pyramid of pushups followed by a sprint up and down a hill. If you don’t have a hill or park nearby, you can substitute the sprints for 20 squats or 20 lunges to work the lower body! Catch a preview of it!
    3. Short on Time Core Workout with Julie Reisler-Life Designer. Grab your yoga mat, head outside, and work on your core strength with a series of pilates-based ab exercises. In just a few minutes, you’ll work towards building a stronger, leaner core. It’s the perfect workout for busy moms, dads, and professionals on-the-go.
    4. 4 by 5 by 4 with Louis and Lauren Sweeney from Real Couples Workout. This high-intensity cardio circuit burnout is no joke! You will work the entire body as you move through five reps of four exercises. You’ll be sweating in less than 15-minutes. 
    5. Morning Tabata Jump Start with Justin Dominick. This 5-minute workout will get your heart racing. Eight exercises are performed for 20-seconds, followed by a 10-second rest. You’ll perform all eight movements, rest for one minute and then do it all over again two more times!


What are your favorite BurnAlong workouts to take outside? Drop us a note below to share!

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