Corporate Wellness


Outperforming Traditional Wellness Programs 5x

BurnAlong gives your team the motivation and tools to reach and sustain your wellness goals.

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Corporate Wellness Never Felt So Good.

Your Life Just Got A Lot Easier


Pre-Built Challenges

12 months of challenges included. From internal challenges to goals each team can achieve together, we’ll help sustain interest and engagement. Rather create custom challenges? That’s no problem and it’s just a few clicks away.


Mobilization Included

Our Champion program helps identify social leaders who can motivate and mobilize your entire workforce from within. Champions get rewards based on their success and they love it! And, of course, it’s included at no additional cost.


No Integration or Setup

Onboarding is a breeze. You don’t need the IT department, and there’s no integrations to setup. We’ll have your account live within 12 hours. And then we’ll arm you with the materials needed to promote and market the wellness program.

The gym at your hotel is closed?

Don’t worry, we’re always open.