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A wellness plan for individuals and families. Use BurnAlong's app to reach your health and fitness goals.
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Taking Classes

Take Classes Alone, Live, or Join Along with Others

A big driver of behavioral change is social support. Get inspired by others in your community. Encourage, or be encouraged, by friends and co-workers. Set goals, create challenges, and follow programs together. You can even take live classes with friends in private group sessions where you can see and hear each other. Regardless of where you, or they, are in the world.

Class Selection

Choose from 13,000+ Classes Across Almost 50 Categories

Every class and category you can imagine, taught by hundreds of fitness and wellness instructors are at your fingertips. Classes range from cardio-based bootcamps to dance to yoga to barre to mindfulness to nutrition to stress and insomnia support.

Oh, and there are even classes you can take with your dog.


Receive an Individual Wellness Plan with Recommendations and Create New Habits

Follow free health and fitness programs and workout guides, get recommendations on classes based on your preferences and behavior, and connect to other members and instructors on the BurnAlong app.

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Live and On-Demand Holistic Wellness
for Individuals and Their Families

Online Fitness and Wellness Programs

Set yourself up for success. Our unparalleled range of classes and cutting-edge technology is why five times as many people stick with us than the online average.

Members range from professional athletes to pregnant women to people living with diabetes and back pain. Whatever your goal, we’ve got the classes to help you succeed.

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How BurnAlong Works

Connect with online, diverse, and personalized health and wellness classes that include social motivation for everybody.

Become a Wellness Instructor

Join BurnAlong’s team of instructors and move your classes online where they’ll be available to thousands of potential new clients.

HR Teams & Employers

BurnAlong gives employees the motivation and tools to reach and sustain their health and wellness goals, no matter where they are working from.