Burnalong launches inclusive corporate wellness challenge to support healthy habits

Expert health and wellness instructors launch custom wellness programs for global members

Baltimore, MD – Today, Burnalong, announces the launch of an inclusive corporate wellness challenge to support healthy habits in 2022. For the next six weeks, Burnalong members and their families are encouraged to log in for at least 21 days total to complete wellness classes and compete in the “New Year, New Habits” challenge.

Ending on February 11, 2022, this wellness challenge is designed to help people start and maintain new habits with evidence-based practices. Fueled by data from a recent survey with Burnalong’s 2,500+ health and wellness instructors, participants have access to: 

  • Custom wellness programs that support fitness, nutrition, mental health, yoga, meditation, weight loss, financial wellness, and more
  • Supportive communities within the platform for social motivation and encouragement
  • Videos and messages from Burnalong’s instructors as they progress throughout the challenge
  • Member events throughout the six weeks to provide wellness education and motivation
  • Resources to highlight recommended best practices on maintaining their new habit beyond the initial surge of resolutions
  • Ability to add up to four family accounts for each member for ongoing accountability and motivation as members compete together

Burnalong has announced this corporate wellness challenge to support healthy habits for employees and their families throughout the year. As studies have shown, nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. 

To support ongoing wellness journeys and a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Burnalong’s inclusive wellness challenge includes a diverse range of classes members can take to compete in the challenge including chronic condition management, fitness, nutrition, yoga, adaptive workouts, senior fitness classes, sleep support, mental health, meditation, mindfulness, financial literacy, and more. 

“We are excited to support long-lasting health and wellness goals, beyond resolutions in the new year, with diverse programming, inclusive tools, and the expert content of thousands of local instructors,” says Daniel Freedman, Co-CEO of Burnalong. “Our curated programs use evidence-based practices to support sustainable growth and healthy habits throughout the year. This six-week challenge is a great way to jumpstart wellness journeys, no matter their level of fitness, ability, age, location, or skillset.”

If you would like to learn more about Burnalong’s inclusive corporate wellness challenges, available for all Burnalong members and their families, please schedule a quick call with our team

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