HR Tips to Boost Employee Wellness

Not all employee wellness programs are created equally.

Looking for a better way to encourage your employees to be healthier?

Burnalong helps your employees (and their family members!) achieve their health and wellness goals through personalized online video classes, programming (100s of instructors across 45+ categories) and social motivation.

Check out some of our “Tips” below!

Take the Stairs!

Sitting All Day Can Cause Back Pain

Take Time Out of Your Chair Each Day

Gently Encourage Weight Loss

Encourage Healthy Eating

Retain Top Talent

Host Healthy Lunches

Give Your Employees Incentives

Looking for a better way to encourage your employees to be more active? Burnalong gives every employee personalized well-being programming and social motivation.

Classes include fitness, wellness & nutrition, mindfulness & meditation, stress management, & more. 

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Our clients are seeing 5x the engagement of traditional wellbeing programs.
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