Meet Tony Stubbs aka Toning Tony

Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, Tony Stubbs is a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, and Licensed Fitness instructor. He specializes in group fitness instruction for classes such as Zumba, Body Combat, and Total Body Blast. Tony was a gifted Varsity Football and Track & Field student athlete at the University of Kansas (KU), where Stubbs obtained his bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and Administration. Immediately following graduation, he continued his athletic career by playing professional football for the Florida Firecats (Arena II) in Fort Myers, Florida and Internationally in Belgrade.

Fast-forwarding to present day, Tony Stubbs is here to change your life:

Burnalong: “How did you get into fitness?”

Tony: “Physical Activity has been apart of my Life ever since I came out the womb. Lol Really got serious when I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure at the age of 22 while playing football professionally.”

Burnalong: “How do you motivate others?”

Tony: “I don’t Motivate people. Motivation runs out, I inspire and share stories of other successful clients that I have worked with to help them believe that it’s possible to achieve whatever goal it is.You just have to believe and feel it within yourself”

Burnalong: “Who are your heroes and role models?”

Tony: “I give all glory to God as my #1 Hero and Roll model”

Burnalong: “In your class, how do you accommodate different skill and fitness levels?”

Tony: “I let all my clients know at the beginning of class. Do the best that you can do. If you need to stop and take a break… By all means TAKE A BREAK… Will also improvise and do modifications for those who can’t do the exercise”

Interested in learning more about Tony? You can contact him directly at [email protected]! You can also find his classes anytime on go.Burnalong.com!

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