Instructor Spotlight: 9 Questions with Guy Bruno

We’re very excited to introduce you to Guy Bruno from Bruno’s Self Defense and Krav Maga in Ocala, Florida. Guy has been studying, training in, and teaching the martial arts for over 30 years.

If you’re not in the Florida area, you can find Bruno’s Self Defense and Krav Maga classes on Burnalong.com. Some of his most popular classes include Defense against a Ground Side Choke and Bear Hold, Danger Zone: Self-defense Series Part 1, Up Against a Wall: The Fit to Fight Series, and Shaky Legs: Part of the Fit to Fight Series. Get to know Guy a little better by reading his instructor spotlight below!

  1. What do you teach?
    Currently, my main focus is on teaching reality-based, streetwise self-defense. I provide classes and instruction in Krav Maga and Combat Taekwon as well as fitness classes and personal training.
  2. How did you get into fitness?
    My journey into fitness began in the streets of the projects I grew up in located north of Boston. Stickball, baseball and the occasional fights inspired me to stay in shape. I played football in high school and college, then developed a consistent training regimen and competition participation in the arena of powerlifting, which I still enjoy training in.
    I also became intrigued with a local martial arts school and determined that I wanted to learn about this new mysterious world. My best friend and I watched a demo and some guy broke some boards that were lit on fire with his head. He was successful, but also caught his hair on fire. We joined shortly after.
  3. How do you motivate yourself?
    I love what I do. I watch the changes in people’s lives; their increased health, confidence, and happiness with life. That I get to participate in this process by providing lessons and training, motivates me.
  4. How do you motivate others?
    I try to pass my energy and enthusiasm off onto them with my coaching.
     Diverse Friends Working Out Enthusiastically
  5. In your classes, how do you accommodate different skill and fitness levels?
    We provide classes geared toward different levels; usually, coordinates with how long they have been training.
  6. What are the top 3 exercises you recommend for every client?
    This is a hard one to answer. Every client is different and has different fitness levels or needs. If no equipment involved, squats and push-ups; But if access to weights, add bench presses and deadlifts.
  7. How can people best prepare for your classes?
    Hydrate but don’t overeat before coming to class. And don’t swallow a handful of vitamins before attending either. Had a guy get royally sick to his stomach when he did that. Also good to listen to motivating music on your way in.
  8. Who are your heroes and role models?
    My Martial Arts Grandmaster Young Ahn Kwon; I admire his ethics, talent, and personality. Sylvester Stallone; a guy with a speech impediment, he wasn’t the biggest guy on the block, but made it big.
  9. What exercise challenge would you encourage people to do?
    Bench press your bodyweight is a great fitness and health challenge. Some may have to lose those extra pounds to take the challenge on.

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