Meet Steven L. Coard!

Steven L. Coard is the founder of Steven’s Workouts To Go.

Steven is an award winning comedic actor & filmmaker who initially discovered Pilates while working his corporate job at American Express. With his background in acting & dance, Pilates was intuitive and in sync with his personal style of exercise. He loves the way it makes his body feel and wanted to share. Steven is certified in both Pilates & Yoga and holds a B.A. degree in Theatre Art from High Point University. He also holds a M.B.A in business administration from The American intercontinental University.

Steven took some time to tell us a bit more about himself and his passion for fitness. Easily access his classes anytime on go.Burnalong.com!

Burnalong:What do you teach?”

Steven:Pilates, Personal Training, Yoga”

Burnalong: “How did you get into fitness?”

Steven:I got into the fitness/health/wellbeing industry working at my corporate job in New York City. It was by accident, I attended a class and haven’t looked back since. I was always active, but it’ just called to me to want to help people get into the best shapes of their lives.”

Burnalong:How do you motivate others?”

Steven: “I become their best friends throughout their fitness journey. I believe that when you connect with someone on an emotional level then you can gain their trust. When you’ve gained their trust then you can get people to follow your lead into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Burnalong:Who are your heroes and role models?”

Steven:I tend to believe that I am my own role model. I strive to be the best at whatever it is that I want to accomplish. It’s been a very tough life growing up, but I’ve overcome the past and I’ve taught myself how forgiveness and healing. It has allowed me to grow into the man that I’ve become, strong, confident, and intelligent.

Burnalong:In your classes, how do you accommodate different skill and fitness levels?”

Steven: “I like to accomodate all fitness levels in my classes. I tell everyone that when they come to the class leave their ego’s at the front door. No two classes are ever the same, and the moment you’ve think you have mastered the exercise be open-minded because you can always learn how to take that mastery to the next level. It’s all about trying to improve on your last class. If you believe in yourself then you can accomplish anything. I also tell people don’t come to the class to show off your outfits. If you come to the class be prepared to sweat. Lastly, I encourage my students to treat themselves to something amazing for doing an amazing job! Getting the gym is sometimes the hardest part so you need to reward yourself afterwards.”

Interested in learning more about Steven and his classes? You can contact him directly at [email protected]!

Take one of his classes now – go.Burnalong.com

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