Happening Now: A War For Talent

There’s a war for talent that’s only intensifying, and top companies are focused on creating great cultures that retain and attract the best employees.

With the unemployment rate continuing to lower each year, potential applicants are looking to be part of companies where they feel appreciated, and where they are provided benefits that are both unique and useful to them in their day to day lives. This has created a war for talent between potential employers to attract the best talent.

Now that you have settled into the new year and the push to recruit new employees begins, be sure to take time to evaluate your company’s current benefit offerings to best adapt them to recruit and retain top talent.

A culture-changing benefit being introduced into companies across the globe are corporate wellness programs. Although the idea of corporate wellness is not new, and the perks of having a corporate wellness program have been discussed for years, companies are just now beginning to realize the vibrancy a successful program can introduce within an organization!

There is no cookie cutter corporate wellness program. The days of hosting a monthly event and then putting wellness on the backburner until the next month have passed. As a leader, you need to find something engaging and ongoing to provide only the best for your employees.

Many factors need to be considered when implementing a corporate wellness program to be sure that you choose a program that will succeed and grow. Treating employees as unique individuals is key, especially in corporate wellness. Each individual has their own health history and wellness needs, and it is vital to be sure that your program provides them with tools that they find beneficial to their health and wellness.

Not sure where to start your search for the right corporate wellness program? Check out this Guide to Buying a Corporate Wellness Program for some ideas!

Ready to kick off a wellness program that is comprehensive, accessible, and empowers your employees to support one another along the way?

Enter, Burnalong

Provide your employees personalized well-being classes and social motivation, all online. Everybody (and their families) feels happier, healthier, and closer to each other – and your company!

We know everyone of your employees is unique – with different tastes, interests, levels, and motivation. Using AI, Burnalong offers online personalized well-being classes, meeting people where they are. That’s why our engagement levels outperform the industry 5X.
Simply put, our corporate wellness program helps employers create healthier workforces and employees achieve fitness and wellness goals.

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