7 New Workouts That Will Make You Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

Whether you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice, sculpt your core, or build your endurance, our seven newest workouts will leave you feeling strong and sweaty!

We promise you’ll feel a serious sense of accomplishment after you crush these new workouts from Prana Yoga, Kristin McGee Yoga, ECR Performance, and Dani K. Gym & Wellness. Go ahead, schedule a class with a friend or find time to workout on your own.Have a great workout!

  1. Patience Grasshopper taught by Charlie Bauer from Prana Yoga.
    This energizing vinyasa yoga class is geared towards opening your hips and twisting your body as you prepare yourself for baby grasshopper and grasshopper.  Stream or schedule!
  2. Pilates Arms and Abs Workout with Kristin McGee. Sculpt and tone your arms and abdominal muscles during this challenging Pilates-based strengthening class perfect for all levels. Stream or schedule!
  3. Fit Upper Body taught by Esia Rivera from ECR Performance. This cardio class combines dynamic efforts of speed to exhaust your fast twitch muscle fibers, immediately followed by an upper body movement to target slow twitch fibers. Stream or schedule!
  4. Full Body HIIT Workout by Dani Knight from Dani K. Gym & Wellness. This full body, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class combines strength training with cardio bursts to burn fat and build long, lean muscles. Stream or schedule!
  5. Up Against The Wall with Guy Bruno, Bruno’s Self Defense & Krav Maga Tone the legs, arms, and core during this standing Fit to Fight workout series that consists of four, five-minute rounds of 10 exercises. Stream or schedule!
  6. Proper Leg Curl Form with Dani Knight from Dani K. Gym and Wellness. This educational video takes you through how to correctly and safely use a leg curl machine to ensure you’re not putting your knee at risk. Stream or schedule!
  7. Killer Ab Routine with Dani Knight from Dani K. Gym and Wellness. Strengthen and tone the core in this killer ab routine that will make it hurt to laugh the next day. Stream now!
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