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CBS Local: Coronavirus Outbreak Caused Explosion Of On-Demand Exercise Classes — And It May Stay That Way For Good
"When we ask people what they love most about Burnalong that’s keeping them so engaged, they say it’s the range of programming – classes for the whole family – and critically the social component, of being able to take classes live online in private sessions with friends, family members, co-workers you see,” said Freedman. “People are craving social support now more than ever.”
Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures: How Some Johns Hopkins Startups Are Adapting, Responding to COVID-19
"Burnalong is used by companies across the country that have locations around the world. The startup primarily works with two groups, says Locker: corporations, municipalities, universities and hospitals that want to set up wellness programs for employees; and local gyms and fitness instructors who use the online platform to record on-demand and live-streamed classes and workouts for clients."
On TV: Announcing America’s Fittest Company Challenge
"It’s about creating a vibrant and inclusive culture,” said Daniel. And it’s really easy to start: “It’s takes minutes for companies to get set up, and within seconds employees can be participating.”

Co-CEO Daniel Freedman joins host Patrice Sanders on set to discuss Burnalong’s upcoming America’s Fittest Company Challenge!
Forbes: How The Corporate Wellness Market Has Exploded: Meet The Latest Innovators In The Space
"Freedman, like many founders in the wellbeing sector got into the space after witnessing "Family members and close friends who have really struggled with major health challenges, and who often didn’t receive the right programming and motivation to overcome those." He firmly believes that "A major responsibility to help lies with employers who are largely responsible for their health insurance and the programming they do or don’t receive."
Washington Business Journal: Maryland Startup Raising Millions to Facilitate Wellness at Work
"As part of this expansion, the company is working with doctors and wellness professionals to take a different approach to online fitness, Freedman said. That medical element means working with doctors to recommend programming to their patients. Facilitating wellness at work is important for companies, Freedman said, because health care costs often come from people who have chronic conditions and require medication, surgery or other medical attention. When employees take sick days, it's both a drain on performance and a stressor for them. Burnalong, he said, aims to reduce medical costs and provide companies a wellness strategy to keep its staff healthy and in the office — and to attract talent."