Digital health case studies

You want to see if our approach works and we’ve got the proof right here

Improve population health

Engage your at-risk population

Discover results from an independent cohort study of Burnalong users and how our digital health solution reached a client’s at-risk population (aged 50-59) with chronic conditions (65% of users have them), and improved population health.

Increase employee engagement

Inclusive wellness challenge resulted in 48% employee engagement

Learn how one of our clients increased employee engagement with a holistic wellness solution through custom launch events, an inclusive challenge, and inclusion of family.

Employers and HR leaders

Do corporate wellness programs work?

Work-sponsored health and wellness support can have a dramatic impact on quality of life and quality of work. Such programs can reduce risk and serve as preventative measures impacting more than 157 million employees in the US. Corporate wellness programs:

Offer corporate wellness initiatives

On-demand classes and custom marketing materials lead to surge in employee engagement

See how LSU Health Shreveport reached 32% employee engagement and 4,000+ completed minutes after launch with the help of Burnalong-provided marketing materials and hosted activities.

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Improve municipal health

Wellness program launched across hundreds of locations

The Montgomery County government saw short- and long-term success with Burnalong. They are experiencing engagement at 5x the industry average for benchmark clients and have uploaded their own videos to the platform.

Health plans and hospital systems

Can digital health solutions solve the last mile challenge?

Digital health tools that address physical, mental, emotional, financial, and medical wellness – all in one platform – can even more effectively impact population health. It reduces a key barrier to addressing conditions by improving ease of access and providing an inclusive option that your entire population can find useful.

Digital health solutions were found effective by:

Get online quickly to increase reach

Gym members and instructors move to Burnalong in hours

A gym with more than 100 instructors wanted to stay connected to their 10,000+ members while they weren’t able to come to classes in person. They partnered with Burnalong to provide additional content for their members, deliver live-streamed classes from their instructors, and stay connected.