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Burnalong Daily Class Page

Every day there will be a new class posted on the daily class page. You can refer to the July Calendar to see what category and class will be featured each day. The calendar has clickable links that lead to the Burnalong platform (requires login), but the Daily Class page updates for the free, ungated class video live on our site. 

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Wellness playlists

We’ve curated classes you can watch without a Burnalong login to get a feel for our expert’s content across categories.

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Burnalong+ Testimonial

Burnalong+ offers the ability to choose the best fitness location for you!

Burnalong+ Testimonial

Traveling? Burnalong+ allows you to visit any participating fitness location, even when you're away from home.

Burnalong+ Testimonial

Switching up your workouts is easy with the wide range of fitness locations available with Burnalong+.

Burnalong+ Testimonial

Take a strength class at one fitness location and use the cardio equipment at another. The choice is yours!